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Tuesday, December 7, 2010 10:19 AM -0500
SubjectMMA State of Maine - Cruise 2010 
Day 60: June 28, 2010  Castine

CAPTAINS LOG          

End of Training Cruise 2010

The offload yesterday brought us to minimum levels of stores and the students have been offloading gear since our port call in Portland.  Should give us a couple of inches more of Freeboard.
Cleanup is progressing and the End of Cruise Checkoff sheets are distributed and signatures being solicited.
Unfortunately the weather is not cooperating as it started raining last night and will probably be a pretty wet day today.  Shore power is ready to go as soon as the Galley Stoves are turned off.
By this afternoon the ship should be pretty quiet.
We wish to thank everyone for making this a GREAT cruise and wish everyone a safe voyage home and a wonderful summer.

A special thanks goes out to Captain Wade and the crew of the
providing all of us a safe and rewarding CRUISE 2010!!!!!!